We grew up with real heroes. For us it was, and remains, our parents. They were part of the "greatest generation”. A generation for whom the fundamentals of hard work, commitment and sacrifice built our foundation. They taught us that nothing worthwhile is simply handed to you and that the greatest riches are usually under your own roof.

Many of us born into the Boomer decades find that the reality of day to day means we often lose sight of what matters most. In the swirl of building our lives we can go off course. Too frequently we find that we have lost track of or have had to set our dreams and aspirations aside.

Now, as we turn a new chapter in our journey, we reflect on what we thought we may have left behind, and we have come to realize that it’s never too late…Those hopes and dreams still drive us; they are a daily motivation. And now is the time.

Never Leave It Short may have begun from that putt we left short, but its true core grows from the belief that giving time to realizing your potential, and fulfilling your hopes and passions, can come at any age.

Living with regret and procrastination, allowing excuses and obstacles to get in the way of what you really want to be doing, and who you really are, leaves only frustration and the wondering of “what if?”.

The truth is the game was never won by holding back, by not taking your shot…

We believe our generation is uniquely poised to not only realize our potential, but to also make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Toward those goals, Never Leave it Short was created. It is not enough to to fulfill our own course, to carefully and thoughtfully look at the next chapter of our own “adventures”, but to also set a path and lead by example for others to follow...even if it is just taking that shot that no one thinks you can make.

NLIS is about living with a drive that reminds you where you started; realizing the potential of your talents; listening to the promise of your passion; and not losing sight of all those dreams you thought were long gone. NLIS... take your shot and Never Leave It Short.

The Steinhoff Family